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Now that summer is finally here and it’s time to wear all these pretty dresses I love to be a bit tanned. I know that, with my light hair, I will never get extremely bronzed but just that healthy and natural sun kissed skin is what I’m eyeing.

Unfortunately, I don’t get tanned easily and more often I just get a burn. I’m also way too much of a busy bee to be lying down in the sun the whole day.

When I was younger, I quite often made use of tanning beds but due to all the media and negative messages around these artificial sources of UV lightning I started looking for other alternatives, and that’s how I discovered The Palm spray tan technology. I must say I was a bit sceptic before, I once had a very bad spray tan experience when I had it done on holiday in a beauty salon in France, and the result was -well euhm- stripy orange.

Now that I discovered the Palm spray tan rooms, I try to go about once every two weeks (in summer) and once every month in winter.

Now how does it work?

1) Pick a spray colour

Because everyone has a different skin tone, there are 3 levels of spray available: light, medium or dark. I usually go for the light one in winter and the medium one in summer. The spray capsule contains of Aloe Vera, Green tea, beets and acai extracts; so all organic ingredients which are good for your skin.


2) Prepare for the spray tan

After choosing the desired tan, I enter the spray tan room where I can prepare before entering the spray cabin. With preparing I mean putting blending cream on hands and feet (your skin is much dryer there so could turn too dark because it absorbs the fluid much more), put on a protective cap for the hair and a adhesive sole on the feet.


3) Enter the spray tan cabin

The spray tan cabin contains of numbers from 1 to 4 on the floor. After pressing the start button I get clear instructions of on what numbers to put my left and right foot on. After about 5 minutes I’m fully rotated and dried thanks to the blower inside the cabin.


4) Remove all materials

The next thing I do is remove all the remaining blending cream from my hands and feet with a towel and remove the hair and sole protection. After that I wait for another 5 minutes to make sure I am completely dried up and put my clothes back on. The good thing is that the spray does not come off on your clothes so you can basically wear whatever you like. The days of putting joggings on for spray tan are over -thank god.


5) Wait for your tan to appear

When walking out of the spray tan room I immediately see a healthy glow on my skin. In the next couple of hours my skin gets darker and darker. I usually go for a spray tan in the evening and wait for showering until next morning to make sure the colour is completely developed (it’s also recommended not to do any sports the first 12h or so).

After that I can enjoy my tan for at least one complete week! One sessions costs 29,95 euro and there are multiple The Palm branches located all over Belgium.

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