My Closet || Marant back to back

Hi loves, today I’m sharing a (small) part of my shoe closet with you 🙂 It’s actually a back to back of my two favourite pairs of Isabel Marant shoes.

My fringed boots from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection are on the left. I really wanted these boots so bad from the moment I saw them a few months before the launch of the limited collection. As I was literally on a plane (from Marbella) the morning the collection hit the stores/online shop, I gave up all hope to get my hands on something. But surprisingly, when I landed a couple of hours later, there were still quite some items on the webshop but not the boots unfortunately. I read somewhere on Instagram a week later that the boots were restocked regularly and so I got lucky and was just quick enough to snap my size in the shopping cart. So I thought… I was so excited when my package arrived a week later but when I opened the box I was beyond disappointed, H&M online had sent me the wrong shoes. After a few calls with the customer service they were able to hunt down my size for me and send me the right pair. Quite the story for (only) a pair of shoes but hey, still very happy with them!;)

My Isabel Marant Bekket wedge sneakers are on the right. Well, what can I say, these are just a must have in every girl’s wardrobe. They make the legs a bit longer but are just as comfortable as regular sneakers. Certainly a keeper!


Fringed boots || Isabel Marant pour H&M (similar ones here)

Sneakers || Isabel Marant Bekket

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