Wishlist || Ganni Teddy wrap coat

When running some quick errands yesterday wearing only a thin knit and a blazer I arrived back home practically frozen. I guess this means coat season is now officially on!

I must admit that buying a coat isn’t always easy for me as it has to pass some of my criteria. First of all the coat needs to be special and stand out. As a coat is pretty much the only part of your outfit other people actually see in winter it’d better be a damn pretty one. But as I tend to get tired of excessive prints/details rather quickly it’s maybe not the best idea to go for a really loud coat as I will be wearing it A LOT. Next criterium: the coat has to be warm! Quite logic you say? Lots of wintercoats hanging in stores right now are very thin or don’t even have buttons. Pretty? Hell yes! Warm? Unfortunately not. And last but not least the ideal coat should match (almost) every outfit.

After lots of browsing I think I found a coat that matches (all of) my criteria: the Ganni teddy wrap coat! It’s so simple yet elegant, exactly what to expect from the Danish brand. Even though I adore all of the available colours (gray, camel, beige), I think I’ll play it safe once again and go for the black one…

So, what do you think? Should I make the splurge and order this beauty?:)


Coat || Ganni (€299,90)


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