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From the moment I got my burgundy Saint Laurent bag, my love for everything camel went up to the next level. There’s something about the colour combination that keeps surprising me everytime. And hey, it’s a nice addition to my all black outfits that I seem to be a bit stuck on lately!

Talking about being stuck on the same looks over and over again, I’ve planned a big closet clean for tonight (if I still feel like it after work that is 😉 ). I can’t help the feeling that I’m very often grabbing to the pieces I recently wore or the ones I just bought, because of a lack of organisation in my closet. I sometimes tend to forget about items that got pushed into the back of my closet but that are actually pretty awesome too.

So in order for more organisation I need to get rid of the pieces I don’t wear as often as I should or just aren’t really my style anymore. They tend to say that you shouldn’t keep anything that you haven’t worn in the last year but for me personally I think I’ll set the standard to 2 years just to be sure I don’t throw away anything that I’ll regret later on. After making the space, I will try to organise everything per style and per colour which is something I usually do in the beginning of every season but somehow everything turned into a mess again in the last couple of weeks. I think it’s quite handy when all white shirts, tops, sweaters etc. are hanging together when composing an outfit.

After that, accessories are up! Meaning ordening my shoes into categories such as sneakers, heels, boots and everything in between. Further I really want to create some goodlooking shelves with my favourite handbags and jewelry displayed.

Make sure to keep an eye on my Labelcrush account as I will be selling lots of pretty items soon!


Coat || Zara (not available anymore but similar one here)

Bag || Saint Laurent

Knit || Zara (old collection)

Jewelry || Luxedy 


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  • Karen January 30, 2015 12:50 pm

    camel is altijd een topper en zo tijdloos. Ik zou ook dringend mijn kast eens moeten opruimen!

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