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Splurging on expensive beauty products… It’s something that I haven’t really done before. Ok I do love a good visit to MAC once in a while but I could have been just as happy with a nice coloured H&M lipstick or a Hema peachy pink blush shade.

However two (quite expensive) beauty essentials caught my eye recently:


1) La Mer illuminating eye gel

I’ve always been quite intrigued with the La Mer products, I’ve read some reviews in the past about the miraculous power of the ‘sea’ ingredients. The expensive creams and serums are also very often mentioned by stars and celebs as beauty favourites. Nevertheless, I never contemplated on making the splurge myself as I am actually quite happy with the results of my Kiehls ‘Ultra Facial cream’ that I’m using currently. But things changed when La Mer announced the launch of its Illuminating Eye Gel a couple of months ago. Could this be real? A gel to apply twice a day that gives you a fresh and rested look and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. I decided to give it a try and see for myself as the dark circles underneath my eyes are one of the things that really bother me when looking in the mirror in the morning. I’ve been using the gel for about 3 weeks now and maybe it’s imaginary, or maybe it’s not, but I really have the feeling I look much fresher and well rested after applying it. The fine lines under my eyes also seem to be reduced, however this maybe could have happened with any other ‘cheaper’ eye cream as I wasn’t using any before, so I can’t really compare. I’m hoping to get some more months of use of this tiny packaging of gel before it runs out, but to be honest, I think I would re-buy it immediately!

2) Mason Pearson hair brush

Another beauty essential I’ve read so much about the last few years but could never really justify this amount (€110) of money for. I mean, how different could the Mason Pearson brush possibly be from others?! On the other hand, they tend to say you have this 100% real bristle brush for life thanks to the handy cleaning piece that is included in the cool retro box. When I visited the Crème Fraîche concept store last week, the brushes in ivory white caught my eye again. I had the chance to try it in the store and couldn’t believe my eyes, my hair looked so shiny after this one time use already. The rest is history, I took this baby home with me and we lived happily ever after! 😉

So to wrap up, I think these two pretty white beauty essentials will be part of my bathroom shelf for many years to come!

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  • Elisabeth March 25, 2015 8:57 pm

    I have a sample size of La Mer´s eye gel (can´t believe that fullsize costs 120€ :D) and I have to say, it´s quite nice, but nothing special. Maybe that´s because I´m 22 and I don´t really have wrinkles, but I do have fine lines under my eyes and I just don´t think this gel is a miracle product.
    In my opinion Clinique´s eye cream is a better choice.

    xoxo Elli

  • mieke March 29, 2015 2:55 pm

    Ooh the Mason Pearson.. it’s been on my want list for a long long time.. But can’t seem to spend that much money on a hair brush. Hema has a lookalike apparently. Might try that one first 🙂

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