Outfit || Transitional days

Blazer or coat? Boots or open shoes? Not the easiest weather to dress I can tell you! These March days can start with a freezing morning and end up in a lovely 15 degree terrace weather. As it looks a bit odd to still wear fur coats and heavy boots, I decided to take the central path today and went for a light winter coat in a soft shade and my new pair of classic Chanel flats.

Tell me, how do you cover these transition days? 🙂

Coat || Zara (old collection but similar ones here)

Shirt || Les Ateliers de la Maille

Jeans || Zara (old collection but similar one here)

Bag and flats || Chanel

Bracelets || Silis at Luxedy

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  • Elisabeth March 24, 2015 8:54 pm

    Same weather situation in Germany! When I go to work (around 9 am) and home (6 pm) it´s very chilly but during our lunch break it´s quite warm so we always go outside and enjoy our meals 🙂

    xoxo Elli

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