Brand || Mimi Holliday


The weakness of almost every woman? Pretty lingerie! A goodlooking and perfectly fitted set of underwear will make you feel confident and sexy, even if it’s just for yourself, when catching a quick glimpse in the mirror before getting dressed.

For me, lingerie has to be sexy yet girly and playful, characteristics I found in label Mimi Holliday! It’s a British lingerie and swimwear brand, founded by powerlady Damaris Evans. Mother brand Damaris is well known for the luxurious lingerie line and famous heart shaped knickers! The designs of Mimi Holliday are affordable (think +-€100 for a full set) and breathe timeless sensuality and class without giving in on quality.

Whether you’re looking for a cute triangle bra in lace (that will come peeking under that perfect basic V-neck shirt) or a more padded push up bra underneath your party dress with some subtle cleavage, Mimi Holliday has it all! Dear Santa (a.k.a boyfriend), you know what to get me, right? 🙂


Where to buy Mimi Holliday in Belgium? You can find all points of sale here.

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