NY’s resolutions with Weight Watchers

New Year’s resolutions, we all have them… I don’t know what it is about the 1st of January but this day often makes us realise we have to handle things differently. While for the one person this resolution is quitting smoking, for me it’s obtaining a balanced lifestyle.

First of all I want to change my eating habits (read: no more ordering in junkfood at 9pm because I’m too tired to cook). Second, I would like to start some more directed trainings. I have been jogging quite frequently in the past few months but I want to have some more dedicated trainings for specific body zones. Because we’re all eyeing that perfect bikini body by summer, right? And last, next to this all, I want to keep enjoying life and be able to go to restaurants and dinner parties, as I am quite the ‘Bon Vivant’;)

Does all of the above sounds familiar to you? Then Weight Watchers could be our perfect companion in a healthy and balanced lifestyle. While Weight Watchers used to be all about counting points, it has now evolved to a supporter of your daily healthy lifestyle with some delicious (and easy to make!) recipes, balanced workout schemes adapted to your lifestyle and goals and most of all an overall feel good partner.

Convinced to start to the new year on a healthy note? I’ll give it a try for sure! Next to the existing Weight Watchers courses, a perfectly selected and balanced one week foodbox,  there’s now also a new app to keep track of all your meals, trainings and progress!

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