Hey babes! Long time no speak! After spending 5 amazing days in Paris last week (more about that in a next post!) and being home for less than 8 hours, I got to switch suitcases and left for another amazing city: Barcelona!

I was super happy to be invited by Mazda Belgium to attend the Tomorrowland kick-off event there. Tomorrowland you say? Yes! As a proud sponsor of this larger than life festival, Mazda guided us through the Tomorrowland journey. After some inspirational speeches by Mazda and the Tomorrowland Marketing team, which led to goosebumps when we were shown a ‘best of 2015’ compilation video, we learned all about ‘The Sound of Tomorrow’ competition.


In this competition, the hunt begins for the next generation of DJ’s to elevate the vibe at this year’s Tomorrowland festival as Mazda initiates an exclusive contest to discover new talent in the world of electronic dance musicFrom 25 March until 1 May, aspiring DJ’s can post their mixes at a Mazda-branded audition page on Mixcloud,. Mixcloud will shortlist 50 entries based on various criteria, including the number of plays, reposts and favourites. Then the contest jury, made up of representatives from Tomorrowland and Mazda as well as leading figures in Electronic Dance Music  today such as Belgium’s Lost Frequencies, will evaluate these and select 20 from across Europe to attend the DJ competition finals in early June at Mazda Space in Barcelona. And of course, most importantly, the winner of the competition will play together with the big headliners at Tomorrowland this summer! 🙂

After our visit to the Mazda Space, an incredible surprise was waiting for us: a helicopter flight with the most breathtaking view on Barcelona. It was my first time so I guess you can imagine my excitement!


Next up on the agenda was a drive to our amazing ‘Arts Barcelona’ hotel where we had some time to freshen up for dinner and the Tomorrowland kick-off party in the famous ‘Sutton Club’.

I ended up having an amazing time with my fellow bloggers and danced all night long on the sets of Lost Frequencies and Martin Solveig.

3 hours later, Nathalie and I met, with sleepy eyes, at the crazy breakfast buffet the hotel had to offer (hellooooo crepes Nutella!) and we went out for a quick Zara shoppingspree (at Spanish prices ;)) before catching our flight back to Belgium.

Thanks for the unforgettable journey Mazda!

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