5 piece French wardrobe

About 10 years ago, I read on a fashion blog about the ‘5 piece French wardrobe’ principle. The idea is quite simple! First, you need to get rid of the clutter in your closet: items you haven’t worn for years, don’t fit anymore or that are soooo 2008, just throw them away! Next, it is very important to create a wardrobe that is filled with timeless, basic pieces of a high quality. Think the perfect jeans, LBD, coat or designer bag. Once your basic pieces are all set, there’s room to splurge on 5 ‘trend pieces’ every season. Gold pants, a velvet jacket,…, all these items will match perfectly with the existing basics in your closet and your expenses on clothing will stay in control 🙂 Of course, the basics need to be adapted too once in a while, but you catch my drift right?

My idea of the perfect basics? This black knitted turtleneck dress with a perfect fit and length, a classic camel ‘lammy’ look coat and of course my beloved designer shoes and bag. All of these items are so versatile and can be worn for a thousand occasions when combined differently.

I’m curious, have you tried the ‘5 piece French wardrobe’ principle yet?

Dress || From Sienna With Love

Coat || Two via Sienna Goodies

Boots || Balenciaga

Bag || Chloé

Pictures by Nathalie

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  • Marle November 10, 2016 8:44 am

    Hele mooie look en absoluut fantastische basics! Ik vind het principe op zich een heel goed uitgangspunt, je bent vaak toch geneigd (ik dan) om juist veel trendy stuks te kopen die je vervolgens lastig kunt combineren omdat je vergeet te investeren in meer basics!

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