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Amsterdam is always a good idea they say.. Well, yes it is! I try to visit this magnificent city at least once every season and the beauty of it keeps surprising me. Although I’ve seen the canals so many times, they always leave me kind of speachless. I guess Fall must be my favourite season to visit Amsterdam, the yellow and orange coloured leaves are spread all over the city which quickly turn it into a life like painting.

I guess this scenery is also what Timberland had in mind when they designed the ‘Amsterdam Boot’ for their City Collection. This limited edition collection ads a new twist to the classic Timberland boot which makes me very greedy to collect them all: Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, London and New York.

The Amsterdam edition from the City Collection is a classy black suede boot with silver laces and details. When you look a bit closer, you’ll see that the boot features little bikes in the silver lining, which breathes Amsterdam for sure!

So when I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for a few days this week, I couldn’t wait any longer to wear my new boots! I paired them with some basic jeans and a faux fur and I was ready for a full day of exploring the city, walking by my beloved canals, visit some food hotspots and of course- do some major shopping too!

I’m curious, what’s your favourite city? 🙂

Boots || Timberland

Jeans || Levi’s

Bag || Gucci

Coat || Mango

Pictures by Nathalie

Post made in collaboration with Timberland

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