When in Amsterdam

Those of you who follow me on Instagram might have seen I’ve visited Amsterdam quite often in the last few months. What can I say; the people, the dynamics, the architecture, the food,… Something about this city got me totally hooked! I already got a lot of questions by both family & friends and followers about where to stay when visiting Amsterdam. Hotels in Amsterdam city tend to be quite small and very overpriced in my opinion. An absolute recommendation is the Corendon Vitality Hotel, just outside the Amsterdam city centre, with prices starting from €69/ night.

I stayed in the Corendon Vitality Hotel for 2 nights, together with Nathalie, and can say nothing but positive things to be honest. The reception was super quick and friendly, the rooms were very spacious and big enough to stock our big pile of clothes that we brought 🙂 The hotel also has a very nice restaurant where we had a delicious dinner on our first night because we were quite tired from our trip. I had a beef carpaccio followed by a mixed fish grill as a main course, so delicious! The breakfast was also hosted in the main restaurant and served about everything you need.

When heading out to the city, you can easily take your car (which we did) or just take the tram for a 15 minute drive, which stops just in front of the hotel.

P.S. The €69/ night price also included unlimited access to the 24h gym and hotel spa, quite a steal right? 🙂

All info about the Corendon Vitality hotel and bookings here.


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