Summer Goals

Hi Guys! If you follow me quite closely on socials, you might have seen I’ve experienced some pretty active (and fun!) days last week. I was invited by Anita Active for a fun bootcamp in Oberaudorf, near Munich in Germany. Anita Active is the sports line of the well known Anita group, a designer and manufacterer of bras, lingerie and swimwear, existing since 1886!

The #AnitaSixPack bootcamp was the perfect occasion to test their new awardwinning DeltaPad sports bra; promising ultimate support and design.

On Thursday, Nathalie and I took the plane to München. A short flight later, we were picked up by a taxi who drove us to the Anita headquarters in Oberaudorf where we learned some more about the process of manufactering a bra, from design to end product. So fascinating! We were front row spectators to see how a bra was carefully made from a custom mold, for every different size and fabric.

Following on this informative afternoon, we arrived to our hotel, not far from the headquarters. The hotel was located at the most amazing nature scenery, with some breathtaking views from our room included. After installing and a quick discovery of the neighbourhood, we were ready for an early dinner with our fellow Dutch bloggers in the cosiest typical German restaurant.

After a good night rest in the middle of nature, we were ready for an active day filled with workouts! Time to fit our Delta Pad bras! I chose the dark grey version, the look was really cool thanks to the mesh parts on the middle and sides. And the fit? Well, best fitted sports bra I ever had to be honest! After meeting the bloggers from the other countries we were ready for the first activity: bootcamp! We went outside for an hour filled with the best strength exercises: burpees,squads, mountain climbers; push ups,… You name it, we dit it! 😀 It was exhausting but super fun and challenging at the same time.

Next up was a boxing sessions with world Champion Christina Hammer. After an extended rope skipping warm up, we were ready for the real deal, sparring with our boxing partner AND of course a little training in the ring with Christina herself, so much fun! I was so surprised to see how many muscles that are actually trained during boxing! And as it’s also good to get rid of some redundant energy, I think I might look into taking some boxing classes in Antwerp!

We finished the day with an hour of relaxing yoga. I never practiced this kind of yoga before but I was happily surprised! And my sportsbra during this full day of activities? It kept everything in place and didn’t feel irritated or wet from sweating at all. Can I have this kind of workout sessions everyday please? 🙂

On our last night, the entire group went to visit the Tatzlwurm waterfalls with light torches and we had another typical German and cosy dinner. The perfect closure of an even perfect weekend!

Thanks for having me, Anita Active!

Post made in collaboration with Anita BeLux


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