Hey guys! I you follow me quite closely you might have seen my mysterious trip to London passing by last week! Well, I was there to celebrate the new Take That album ‘Wonderland’! I guess you can imagine my excitement when I first heard about this 25th Anniversary event of this iconic band, knowing that when I was about 13 years old, my entire room was covered with Take That posters and I knew every song that Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Robby Williams sang by heart! 🙂

You might have seen my blogpost about my favourite SS17 trends spotted at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond last month here? Well, the McArthurGlen group – which currently manages 24 outlets in 9 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, France , Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and the UK)- has also been highly involved with music and entertainment in the last few years. The brand collaborated with international artists such as: world-renowned Jazz artist Jamie Cullum; international singer-songwriter, Norma Jean Martine, and songwriter and pianist, Kandace Springs, who was discovered by Prince on Twitter and mentored by the superstar.

When the McArthurGlen group was offered the opportunity to be involved in the launch of the new Take That album Wonderland, they didn’t hesitate for a second, knowing that a lot of McArthurGlen visitors are huge Take That fan. In each of the 9 countries, a contest was created to bring 25 lucky winners to the VIP live concert in London to celebrate the new album. A few lucky ladies were even able to win a meet and greet with the guys. And… McArthurGlen was so kind to invite me too, together with a few journalists from all over Europe. I was super excited! 🙂

I took an early train to London on Thursday and was picked up by a taxi at the St-Pancras which brought me to the lovely Sopwell House in St Albans, an hour drive away. It was the place we would be staying as it was close to the Elstree Studios, where it would all happen that night. The Sopwell House was also the place where all winners of the contest would be meeting eachother. A quick outfit change later I was ready for a late lunch/ early dinner in the garden with the other lovely ladies before the madness could start. We gathered in the entrance hall and boy you could feel the adrenaline of every winner (and their 3 friends) out there! 🙂 The excitement only got bigger when we heard the planning for the night. We were ready to take off to the Elstree Studios!

After a careful security check, and handing in our phones to avoid any leaking video material (euh, hello digital detox for the next 6 hours!) we were ready to enter the studio where it would all take place. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the scene. The complete space was covered by small lights and colours, so magical! And then… Loud cheers when Gary, Howard and Mark showed up on the stage! I must say it felt really unreal, standing so close to these British popband icons for the next couple of hours. The first songs were a great mix of uptempo songs from the Wonderland album but also from their previous album ‘III’ with hits like ‘These Days’. It was so magical to see all the fans singing along and knowing all lyrics by heart! The guys mixed their performances with some great jokes and interaction with the audience, the vibes between the three of them was so amazing, you could totally feel the entire history they had together! 🙂

takethat5 takethat1 takethat3 takethat4

And then, le moment supreme! The guys went for a little tour around the studio and ended up at the other side, where Gary took place behind an acoustic piano. The audience was invited to shout any song that they wanted to hear and boy, the next 30 minutes where the guys performed were a true trip down memory lane. Acoustic versions of old hits like ‘Babe’ and ‘Back for good’ got everyone silent.


Some more of their great uptempo songs followed on the mainstage and after that it was time to round up. ‘We want more’ buzzed through the studio but it was time to say goodbye. I’m pretty sure everyone had a good night of sleep at the Sopwell House that night and so did I.

takethat6 takethat7

After a delicious breakfast it was time to say goodbye from the other ladies and head back to Antwerp for the weekend. Thanks for the amazing experience McArthurGlen, I truly had a blast!


Curious about the show? You can watch it live on ITV on April 8, after the Voice UK or watch it online here!

Post made in collaboration with McArthurGlen.

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