French Riviera Girls

Hi babes! If you follow me closely on instagram, you might have seen my recent trip to the French Riviera a.k.a Cote d’Azur passing by. Nathalie and I were invited by the Radisson group to enjoy a short midweek holiday in their hotels in Nice and Cannes. I was really excited about this destination as I used to come here every year with my parents as a child. I hadn’t been here for more than 5 years so I was really thrilled to visit the South of France again.

We left on Wednesday evening and a short 2h flight later, we arrived in Nice. It was already dark outside but this didn’t keep us from admiring the amazing ocean view from our room terrace on the 6th floor. Our room itself was modern and spacious, but with some subtle azur blue accents, perfectly fitted for the location. An amazing 8-hour sleep later we woke up, even more speachless by our breathtaking balcony view in daylight. We ordered breakfast in the room to fully enjoy the view and take some pictures while we’re at it 🙂

After breakfast it was about time to meet up with the other bloggers from all over Europe, who gathered at the hotel, for a beachside lunch in the Radisson Blu restaurant. A delicious 3-course menu later, it was time to hit the historical city of nice for a wine- and olive oil tasting. I must say I honestly kind of forgot how utterly charming Nice (and actually the entire Cöte d’Azur) is.

A quick change in the hotel later (yes I did bring a zillion outfits with me 😉 ), we all took the bus to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Cannes to enjoy a rooftop apéritif and dinner, in the presence of the entire communications and PR team. Such a great evening! And the view from the top? Simply stunning!

A very short night of sleep later, Nathalie and I were ready to hit the hotel breakfast (have a mentioned breakfast is my favourite meal of the day?) before visiting the centre of Nice again for some shootings. Afterwards we got back in the hotel right in time to enjoy a few hours of late afternoon sun by the pool side, accompanied by probably the best Strawberry Daiquiri ever.

Thanks for having us, Radisson Blu and Carlson Rezidor group, I truly had an amazing time!

All info and bookings here.


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