The art of organizing with Snupps

Those of you who follow me quite closely on insta stories might have seen my major closet cleanup from last weekend. I must admit, things got quite out of hand with clothes everywhere, hangers on the floor and shoes all packed together. I find myself, when things get too messy, that I forget what’s hanging in my closet and I just wear my freshly washed or freshly bought items. Not the way to go!

I must admit that not remembering every single piece in my closet can be quite frustrating sometimes, it’s a true waste of time when looking for the right outfit but also a waste of money for sure. It wouldn’t be the first time that I buy a black heeled sandal because ‘I don’t have anything like that yet’ to find out otherwise when I get home.

I’ve recently started to use the app Snupps and I must say it’s been really working out good for me. The app is designed to collect, organize and share the items you love, in my case my wardrobe! 🙂

Snupps is available for free in the app store (both IOS and android) and is super user friendly! You can easily upload pictures from your items, label them via brand and model and categorise them into shelves afterwards. For example I created a shelf ‘sunnies’ which includes pictures of all my favourite sunnies of the moment. So whenever I’m fully dressed and good to go, I simply open my shelf to pick the sunnies I’m going to wear with this look instead of physically looking for them in my closet. So easy! Curious about my shelves and collection? Make sure to find me on the username ‘@annabelpesant’ and follow me! 🙂


Next to collecting and organizing your own wardrobe or other collection, Snupps is also an amazing social platform, to find people who have the same taste and interest like you do. Depending on your preferences, you can make your own shelves and items publicly visible or private (only for your own eyes or close friends). So whether your looking for some sneaker, lipgloss or art inspo, you’ll find it all via the groups inside the app.


Wanna try it out for yourself? Make sure you sign up for the app here and follow me!

Post made in collaboration with Snupps


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