The phone issue

The one item I can’t live without? Easy one, my phone! 😉 I take my oversized iPhone 7 plus everywhere I go: to the gym, to the restaurant and to bed. If I leave the house for the supermarket and I forget my phone at home or my battery runs dead (never not charging hu 😉 ) I start to get really nervous. Might consider that social media detox anytime soon! 😉

One of the worst things that can happen to an iPhone lover like me? A broken glass! After dropping my phone 2 times in a month time this year with a broken screen and huge cost as a consequence, I promised myself to always carry my phone in a cover. Not that much of a problem, when seeing the wide range of possibilities, colours and prints.

Last week I ordered a new cover on Pixum and I’m super excited about how it turned out. I went for one of my favourite pictures of the last couple of months, taken on a sunny day in Amsterdam with the boyfriend. The cover respected the original colours and dimensions of the photo, yay! So whether you want to use a picture of yourself, a landscape, your cat , boyfriend or some goodlooking french fries (also ordered me one of those 🙂 ) it’s al possible with the different designs on Pixum. No iPhone? No worries, you can make a custom design for more than 2500 (!) different phone types. I went for the premium cover but you can also pick leather, silicone or wood as a finishing material.


Next to phone covers, the webshop of course also offers a lot of other personalised items such as photo albums or wall decoration. Best way to cherish memories, right?

Tempted about ordering your own iPhone cover? Use code ‘ANNABELPESANT’ and receive 20% off on your order until 31st of December.

Post made in collaboration with Pixum

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