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One of my favourite comments that I often get under a photo? ‘I love how you’re always smiling in your pictures’. I know it’s often perceived as more cool to keep your face neutral or even angry looking on pictures nowadays but I just can’t help it, I like myself better when I’m smiling on pics! 🙂

And as I have quite the prominent smile, I’d like to pay extra attention to dental hygiene and esthetics. Next to brushing my teeth, I try to floss once a day and I also use a whitening kit once a year to get rid of the discolouration due to coffee, tea, red wine etc. I must admit that I have been brushing my teeth manually 3 times a day (in the morning, after lunch and before bed) all my life so when Philips invited me to test the new Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart system I was really curious to see the difference. I don’t really use a chronological order when brushing and I’m pretty sure I don’t brush my teeth long enough (I once read that you should brush for about 2 minutes but that’s long!) so I think there’s definitely room for improvement in my habits

I received the package about 2 weeks ago and when unpacking the only thing I could think of is how luxurious can an electrical toothbrush possibly feel? It almost felt like unboxing a new Chanel bag – ha! 🙂 Next to the device itself, the box comes with 3 different interchangeable brushes, a TongCare+ cleaner, a charger which is made as a drinking glass, and a handy chargerbox to use with USB when traveling. First of all, how genius is the fact that the charger is made as a glass, just how I would usually store my toothbrush on the bathroom shelf!

I started by downloading the Philips Sonicare app, which is available for free in the app store. After linking my device automatically via bluetooth, I was all set. Choosing between the 3 brushes isn’t easy but I started off with the blue one, which is made for ‘Premium Plaque Defense’. The others are ‘Premium Gum Care’ and ‘Premium white’, can’t wait to try these too. The device automatically recognises the brush which is connected so all settings are immediately right. Now let’s get started! 🙂

I turned on the brush and it immediately started vibrating, which I learned, is the sonic technology doing its thing. Because of the vibrations at a very high speed, the micro water bubbles are pushed in between the teeth which ensures a profond cleaning of plaque, also in between the teeth. I held the brush in a 45° angle and made smooth movements, just like I would do with my old manual brush. After 30 seconds (which I must admit feels long, because I used to brush my teeth way too short), I am notified that it’s time to move to the other part of my denture (4 parts in total). You can also follow this on the app, which makes it super handy! You immediately see all the missed spots on the app which are marked yellow. Also, if you would push the brush to hard, which is bad for the gums, you are notified by a purple light at the bottom of the device. After 2 minutes my teeth feel super clean and fresh, just how I like it. I just put the Philips Sonicare in its holding glass (whether or not plugged in at that time) and finished! The smart device also informs you when it’s time to change your brush because it’s worn out so this is very handy as well!

I have been using the Philips Sonicare for 2 weeks now and I must admit I wouldn’t want to go back to manual brushing as my teeth feel so much cleaner now. It’ s a little adaption in my habits (read: waking up 2 minutes earlier 😉 ) but so worth it! Everything for that pretty white photo smile right? 🙂

Post made in collaboration with Philips

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