Lunch spots in Antwerp

When scrolling through my insta feed, it actually looks like I’m always eating (or drinking coffee). And yes, it’s not so secretly exactly like that. Nothing I rather do than discovering the latest Hotspots in Antwerp and catching up with friends during a (healthy) lunch.

I get private message via instagram and facebook on a daily basis, asking about nice and cosy lunchspots in my beloved city Antwerp. So, let’s list them right here shall wel! 🙂

  1. Copper (Belegstraat 80, 2018 Antwerpen)

Copper is a well hidden address, right outside the centre of Antwerp but still very easy to access by foot. The owner of the place is a very friendly lady, who makes everything with fresh ingredients from A-to-Z herself ‘a-la-minute’, which makes the waiting time a bit longer sometimes, but oh-so worth it! The interior is super trendy (think lots of marble, and blush pink accents) and the environment relaxed, I love to come here with my laptop to enjoy the wifi and catch up on emails. My favourites on the menu are the salads. I usually go for the lentil salad with smoked salmon (for only €9!). Nice to pair with one of the original homemade lemonades (low on sugar).


2.  Mirlo’s (Verbondstraat 1, 2000 Antwerpen)

I believe that Mirlo’s french toast with fresh fruit topping is about instafamous by now, but that doesn’t make it less delicious for sure. When walking into Mirlo’s, you immediately feel the cosy girly environment with a lot of scandinavian accents. And how cool is that gigantic pastel green SMEG fridge behin the counter? Next to to the most delicious breakies, Mirlo’s menu offers coffees and lattes with names such as Mr. Big, with a big fat SATC wink. An absolute must-do if you haven’t been here!


3. Divers (Volkstraat 9, 2000 Antwerpen)

Totally hot right now are the so called smoothie bowls, aka açai bowls, straight from Bali. The well-filled smoothie bowls contain frozen smoothie (icecream for breakfast, hooray! 🙂 ) in a flavour of your choice and topped with the most delicious ingredients like fresh fruits, granola and chia seeds. You can eat the açai bowl as breakfast but ofcourse also as a lunch or in between meals. This healthy and exotic hotspot also offers jummie juices, avocado toasts or just (take-away) coffee of course.


4.  Barchel (Van Breestraat 6, 2018 Antwerpen)

Barchel opened about 1,5 years ago but in the meantime, it’s almost fighting to get your hands on a spot. The interior reminds me of one of the many Los Angeles hotspots: a combo of marble, lots of white, gold and plants. I like! In spring/summer, the small but super cosy city terrace brings an oasis of peace. My absolute favourite on the menu is the flatbread with avocado and poached egg. I should try something else but it’s just way too damn good!


5. Le Pain Quotidien

Maybe not the most surprising location, but one of the different LPQ’s in Antwerp remain my go-to place when I feel like having a non-fuss delicious lunch. The tartines are so good and also appreciate the quiet atmosphere and the note of classical music 🙂 . When paying at the register, I always grab a bag of granola, to spice up those homemade daily breakies.



6. Moss Antwerp (Volkstraat 11, 2000 Antwerpen)

Moss Antwerp opened very recently (about 2 months ago) but is one of my current favourites for healthy food. Every day, there’s a new salad of the chef, made with fresh ingredients only and available in a small or big portion. I’ve tried it so many times now and it never disappoints! Next to salads, you can also have one of the many signature toasts, sweets or caffénation coffee. I’ll guess you’ll be seeing a lot of me here in 2018!


Bon appétit! 🙂

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  • Eva January 20, 2018 9:31 pm

    I love these kind of posts, when i’m in the neighbourhood i really want to try the first one!

  • Jorinde March 16, 2018 2:34 pm

    Ziet er allemaal super leuk uit! Ik ga de hotspots opslaan voor als ik binnenkort weer in Antwerpen ben!

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