Beauty || Faby Lacquering Gel

Beauty December 7, 2014 5 Comments

About two years ago I started using semi-permanent colour gel on my nails. Why? Because I really hated the hassle that comes with painting your nails: I was unable to touch anything for at least one hour after painting them (and always succeeded to miraculously bump into something right after that), I always managed to have at least one nail…

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Beauty || The Palm Spraytan

Beauty July 31, 2014 1 Comments

Now that summer is finally here and it’s time to wear all these pretty dresses I love to be a bit tanned. I know that, with my light hair, I will never get extremely bronzed but just that healthy and natural sun kissed skin is what I’m eyeing. Unfortunately, I don’t get tanned easily and more often I just get…

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