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Denim Lover

New in December 17, 2016 4 Comments

I’m one of those persons you’ll always see with a watch. Whenever I’m out without one, I’m already starting to get nervous, constantly checking my phone for the time and even worse, arrive late everywhere! My current fave is my new denim one from Cluse. The gold metallic hardware and blue jeans wristband make the perfect combo and are so…

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New in || Cluse Watch

New in January 6, 2016 1 Comments

Showing you the latest addition to my daily arm stack today: this gorgeous silver Cluse watch! I immediately fell in love with the minimalistic design of this timepiece. The silver band and white clock literally match with every single outfit. You might have seen the Cluse watches passing by on Instagram, as they are pretty damn hot right now, shining…

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